The Art Installation of Almakan 


Life richness has always fascinated me, I’m bound by a desire to experience its varying spectrum with all its profound aspects as the people came up the imaginative ways for it to unfold

The form of the experience has an infinite distinct variations humankind can exhibit through it the unlimited possibility of the enormous room of potential, that enchanting opportunity that keeps you searching for more of the untapped undiscovered 


In each window into human experience you get a chance to view a life time a course a path constructed and very unique to those who choose to take it

It’s in the stories friends share with each other, in the sound of callers on a radio show pouring glimpses of their lives, in paintings and pictures depicting a scene, in articles and stories told on paper and on a screen, where you get connected to a world so separate and yet so utterly close touching us from within 

It’s fascinating, beautiful, happy at times and heartbreaking in others but by foremost inspiring 

The Installation 

This installation has taken its own form of communicating, told the story like no other way that it has ever been told,

To unlock it, there is no alternative but to walk through it as it’s not a glimpse of a moment, it’s an interval of concentrated thoughts, hopes, ideas, dreams, changes, actions, triumphs and accomplishments, it’s a path to a goal within time, with all its elements contained in written form, pictures, film and sound

The installation is laid out in the plains of direction and events, just like the days of our own, relaxed and spread sometimes, concentrated and pressed in others

A rich experience within the people’s journey who created Almakan, that connects you within moments by all ways combined

Allowing you to reflect on your own journey all the elements that have inspired it, constructed it and shaped it 


“If imagination could speak” installation has been designed and executed by artist Jassim Alnashmi

You can experience this installation by passing by The Cube exhibition space at Almakan during March till mid April 

2 thoughts on “The Art Installation of Almakan 

  1. Words above expectation and beautifully written & described . It was a pleasure seeing amazing young Kuwaiti creative souls helping around in a rather humble space like Al Makan. Although we were not officially introduced , men ,yet I admired the way you were quietly running around and gracefully taking picture of the guests to mark their presence . The installation of the exhibition was very creative just thinking of how a journey of four years from a simple thought to a successful reality was put into a sequenced time frame , was upon imagination … Well done Jassim we are very proud of you .

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