Docent Training – Dar al Athar al Islamiyyah


Be Part of Art;
Be a DAI Docent

What is a Docent?

A docent is a volunteer who teaches visitors about art in the museum’s
galleries. Docents create meaningful experiences with museum visitors
as they explore the world through works of art. They inspire and
nurture discovery by encouraging visitors to look more deeply into
artworks, and they help to enrich the lives of others by connecting
people to art and the museum.

Who can be a Docent?

Anyone with an interest in art and, more important, a willingness to
share that interest with others.  Of course, there is training
involved and we do ask that all our docents volunteer at least three
hours per month at the Amricani Cultural Center

How do you become a Docent?

All your questions will be answered on Sunday, 2 November at 6 PM at
the Amricani Cultural Centre.  Hope to see you there!

As a Docent you will learn all about:

Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah
The al-Sabah Collection
What is a museum?
The Story of Amricani
Conservation and The al-Sabah Collection
Islamic Art History
Introduction to pre-Islamic art
Introduction to Splendors from the Ancient East exhibition and
associated exhibitions
Introduction to Long Ago Zoo exhibition
Guided walk through Splendors from the Ancient East exhibitions
Guided walk through Long Ago Zoon exhibition

For more information, please attend the information meeting on Sunday,
2 November at 6 PM in the Warsha at the Amricani Cultural Center, Kuwait


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