Mirrored Nature: The Full Circle, The Opening

New exhibition at the Amricani Cultural Centre

Under the patronage of the Minister of Information and Minister of State Youth Affairs H.E. Mr. Mohammed Nasir Al-Jabri, the Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah (DAI) welcomed everyone in Kuwait to the opening of its latest exhibition: Mirrored Nature: The Full Circle at the Amricani Cultural Centre. This special exhibition was curated by a group of children, ages 6 – 10 years old, who had special access to the prestigious al-Sabah Collection through DAI’s Children’s Art Workshop Programme (CAW).

The opening of Mirrored Nature marks the second time that DAI has given children the complete freedom to create an exhibition from the collection. The exhibition created speaks to everyone; it is an exhibition designed by children for children that appeals equally to adults. In Mirrored Nature: The Full Circle, the children aspired to take the exhibition and the visitor experience to another level – sharing science in the most artistic way. All 103 objects and illustrations tell the story of nine different natural cycles that end and begin in repeated circles. These natural cycles explain different aspects of the environment (such as seasonality, the solar system, waves, plant life, animal life, etc..) in simple terms that can be understood by anyone walking through the gallery.

The process of developing and curating an exhibition was a learning experience for everyone involved. DAI volunteer Maha al-Essa, helped the kids to create the exhibition. “We encourage the children to come into the museum to grow and expand their knowledge. Yet we find ourselves learning just as much from them as we try to teach.” Needless to say it’s amazing what these children can come up with if they are given the chance and we are certain that visitors will agree when they see the exhibition.

Via http://darmuseum.org.kw/

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