Bloom is a program designed by Maha Alessa created specifically for children allowing them to employee, apply and develop the knowledge from school in a series of projects taking place in the garden (Garden Based Learning)
8 projects have been designed to present the participants with challenges that requires them to use their knowledge and skills in fields varying from science to art, in every project a different skill set is tackled and for them to resolve the challenge learning objectives has to be met, here the learning becomes in a practical form, allowing a peer to peer learning emphasizing on team work, communication and decision making 
We’ll also have guest instructors experts in their respective fields in applied art to introduce participants to theories, methods and techniques that will assist them in resolving particular project challenges

Over a period of 8 weeks the seemingly independent projects will complement each other forming different aspects of one complete project at the end



The program is in collaboration with The Secret Garden Project 

Pictures by: Bedour AlAwadhi 


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