2015 has been a star year, not just for all the high profile projects taking place in it but mainly because of the reshaping of thoughts, many ideas that I’ve lived by for years have been tested rigorously that afterword some evolved, some dropped and new formed, I’m more comfortable in my own skin like I’ve never been, more confident and sure of what I want to do and who I am, it’s such a liberating feeling that can only leave you focused on the moment living it to the fullest

I used to think I’m not one of those fortunate people who knew early on what’s their path in life, I’ve wondered quite sometime looking for my purpose and true calling, till I’ve realized maybe I’m the lucky one after all, the one who gets to experience several lifetimes in one, and that changed everything while all stayed the same, it’s really within the belief and perspective, it’s truly bound to the intention, and with it ways may differ but goals of pure intentions are one

This year has brought opportunities of a lifetime, one of my dearest is taking a part in the production of the 30+ anniversary book of DAI working alongside a phenomenal woman that I’ve learned a lot just for being by her side, developing creative education programs for children, organizing events, involving in art projects, getting to know many wonderful people and gaining knowledge in new fields

I’m thankful to God for everything, the opportunities, the care, the fulfillment and all the happy moments elhmdellah

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