Zeri Crafts 


The preservation of feelings
It was an afternoon, you can tell, not by time, but by that sound of quiet tranquility

It was an afternoon when the world stands still, everything is not supposed to happen, you are in these hours free of burden, free of thought, you are so free that for a moment it seems there is no tomorrow and there was no yesterday

It was an afternoon, I walked back to my grandparents’ home, when we tiptoed and sneaked quietly to the backyard, where we looked, really looked at the shifting skies, at the falling leaves, followed spiders and searched for stones

Where afternoons were eternal, where the flaming red of the sunset would last forever

A time when things are well thought of, feelings so intense and life was contained within the walls of our home
Behind a door on the gulf street you will find a time, well preserved, loved, cherished and allowed to live to develop 

The products inspired from Kuwait’s culture extracting the philosophy that produced the aesthetics that sets it apart, creating products that functions perfectly in our daily lives 


Maha Alessa

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