While traveling I do walk, I believe it’s the best way to explore, inhale and take in the true essence of the city, but while in Kuwait as I run around from one place to another battling time, walking becomes minimal in this rushed lifestyle.
Back in 2012 I’ve had a tour on foot, I can’t recall right now the motives but I’ll never forget how it felt during and after, transformational to say the least, suddenly the echoing chaos within reorganized itself, a soothing calmness prevailed, I’ve reconnected with what it matters in the absence of urgency, in that walk I’ve seemed somehow to have reached myself once again
When I’ve got to know about what Madeenah is doing I couldn’t resist not to take that journey, I’ve joined them in their second tour “Re-Visit Kuwait Eternal Future” Ahmad AlJaber Street curated by Ricardo Camacho.MeemAlessaMeemAlessa

Starting the trip at Darwaza Abdul Razaq then we’ve gathered by the Banks Complex, walking around observing the designs, materials used, how life has branched through around these streets, finding hidden gardens, connecting with 40 year-old visions and finding gems and long lost treasures around and within, a feeling of nostalgia has been dominating and the surprise of still having the ability to be surprised was refreshing


no matter what I say, you must give this walk to yourselffor more information about Madeenah upcoming tours please check their website and instagram page

Love xo


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