The Custom Made Skirt


Out of all the looks, that skirt received a lot of inquiries about it, so I’m considering given that there is a sufficient demand to tailor a bunch and have them available for fall/winter
and if this happens I may consider experimenting with other pieces such as maxi dresses

So if you are interested, send an email to and specify the color you favor

I don’t accept comments in instagram or on the website as valid requests it can only be counted if an email was received

If the number of requests were sufficient then enshallah I’ll be preparing the skirt and other stuff

5 thoughts on “The Custom Made Skirt

    • والله اذا كان في اكثر من طلبيه من قطر ممكن انا ليلحين قاعد استلم الطلبات لا عزمت ان شاء الله ابلغج

      • Hi Hissa,

        Unfortunately the total number of orders was not enough so I’ve decided not to make it, but maybe in the future if I get more requests then I’ll sure let you know the earliest

        Take Care xo

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